Route News 2017


    • Please note that the information may not always be accurate as changes constantly occur.
    • Only international routes are listed. Only new and/or increased routes are listed. Resumed routes are listed as new.
    • Routes that are listed but not confirmed, may have been confirmed through other official sources, but not officially yet by the airline.
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Effective date


Ljubljana-Tehran New: 3 weekly June No
Sharjah-Ahvaz New Not confirmed No
AirAsia X Logo.svg Kuala Lumpur-Tehran Increase: 3 to 4 weekly 17 February Yes
Montreal-Tehran New  Not confirmed No
New Delhi-Tehran New: 3 weekly 1 March Yes
Belgrade-Tehran New Summer Schedule Yes
Afghanistan-Iran New Not confirmed Yes
Ata Airlines logo.png Shiraz-Baku New: 2 weekly January No
Ata Airlines logo.png Isfahan-Baku New: 2 weekly January No
Bildresultat för austrian logo Vienna-Shiraz New: 4 weekly 2 July Yes
Larnaca-Tehran New Not confirmed  Yes
Berlin-Tehran Increase: 2 to 3 weekly 27 March Yes
Mumbai/New Delhi-Tehran New Not confirmed No
Mumbai-Tehran New Not confirmed No
Iran Air logo.svg Tehran-Kuala Lumpur New: 1 weekly (2-3 weekly until March) 28 February Yes
Iran Air logo.svg Tehran-Beijing New: 1 weekly 1 March Yes
Mumbai-Tehran New Not confirmed Yes
Tehran-Najaf New: 3 weekly 7 January Yes
Mashhad-Najaf New: Daily 7 January Yes
Rasht-Najaf New: 1 weekly 7 January Yes
Kerman-Najaf New: 1 weekly 7 January Yes
Seoul-Tehran New: 4 weekly Not confirmed No
Tehran-Johannesburg New: 2 weekly Not confirmed No
Tehran – Sydney New Not confirmed No
Tehran – Copenhagen Increase: 2 to 3 weekly 13 June Yes
Tehran – Paris Increase: 3 to 4 weekly 1 June Yes
Tehran – Barcelona New: 2 weekly Not confirmed No
Tehran-Baku New: 3 weekly 1 February Yes
Tehran-Milan Increase: 2 to 3 weekly 14 May Yes
Muscat-Lar New Not confirmed No
Bildresultat för lot polish air logo Warsaw-Tehran New Summer Schedule Yes
Doha-Isfahan New Not confirmed No
Colombo-Tehran New Not confirmed No
Moscow – Tehran New: 2 weekly 25 May Yes